Clinical Psychologist

Pejman Hoviatdoost

is a Clinical Psychologist and has extensive experience in working with a broad range of adult psychological problems including anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, personality disorders, interpersonal difficulties, and drug and alcohol problems.

Dr Pejman Hoviatdoost

About Pejman

Pejman specialises in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) with more than seven years of training and experience in this model. Pejman provides workshops on ISTDP for Australian Psychological Society (APS).  Pejman is currently undertaking a PhD with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT); his research aims to better understand the mechanisms of change in ISTDP across the spectrum of psychological disorders.  

Pejman is a registered clinical supervisor, he provides supervision for private psychologists and psychology students at Griffith University. 

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